Knysna Lagoon

Activities in & Around Knysna

The owners of Narnia Guest House have lived in Knysna for 20 years and are happy to recommend special spots, book guests onto tours or ferries and into restaurants.

Richard will gladly take you deep sea fishing or on a mountain bike ride. There is always someone about to help with questions or have a chat! If you head for the dam one of the dogs is bound to join you and if Stella is baking you will be given delicious biscuits or a slice of something. This is a happy home where you will be welcomed but your privacy respected and all round, things are so spacious you don´t have to see anyone if you don´t want to!

  • Knysna Heads from above
  • Mountainbiking in Knysna
  • Knysna Lourie
  • Knysna Lagoon

Clockwise from the top left: The Knysna Heads from above, Mountain Biking in the Knysna Forest, the Knysna Lagoon and the Knysna Lourie.

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If you are using a GPS please key in Welbedacht Lane Knysna and Follow sign to Narnia Guest House From there.
(Google Earth brings you up the wrong way!)